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Produced By Aaron Ferguson

Jul 8, 2018

Where The Story Meets Pain

Volume 2: "Drug Deaths"


Series Episodes: 

1. Addiction 

2. Drug Deaths

3. Doctors and Pain Patients


Despite our best efforts, we’ve yet to slow the rate of death related to drugs in our country… In the year 2016, there were 64,000 total drug-related deaths.

Something is not working, and that truth is getting increasingly difficult to stomach. Host, Zach Rhoads, has responded; he spent the last two years challenging the standard story about the opioid crisis.

He asked spoke to relevant experts who have spent their lives thinking, writing, and speaking about this topic. He asked them:  Is there something wrong with— something missing from— our standard story? Their answers ahead... 

This investigative story has three parts: 

1) Addiction (Is there a definition of "addiction" that provides us with a useful concept?)  

2) An Epidemiology of Drug Deaths (Is the current rise in drug-related deaths as connected to 'opioids' as we commonly hear?)

3) Doctors and Pain Patients (By rolling back pain prescriptions, are we incentivizing doctors to provide quality care OR to do serious harm? What happens to the patients for whom prescribing opioids is their best option?)

Today's Guests (& links to their bonafides)

Jacob Sullum 
On twitter @jacobsullum

Stefan Kertesz 
On twitter @StefanKertesz

Robert Rose 
On twitter @RobertDRoseJr1


Upcoming Guests (volume 3) 


Stefan Kertesz (second interview) Doctor, writer, and advocate for quality care, including care of pain patients 


Terri A. Lewis (PhD. expert on rehabilitation program administration)


Star Selleck (chronic pain patient)


Lauren Deluca (President and Founder of Chronic Illness Advocacy and Awareness Group)

Stanton Peele (continued interview) Psychologist, author, creator of the Life Process Program