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Produced By Aaron Ferguson

Jul 26, 2022

Welcome to episode 81!

Today I spoke with journalist, podcaster, and author David McRaney about his new book, "How Minds Change".

We discussed his interviews with and research on cult members, conspiracy theorists, and political activists, from Westboro Baptist Church picketers to LGBTQ campaigners in California –...

Feb 18, 2022

Nathan Maynard is a student voice advocate and author of The Washington Post best-selling book, "Hacking School Discipline" about proactive and restorative practice (as opposed to reactive and punitive) in schools.

Nathan previously worked as an administrator at Purdue Polytechnic High School in Indianapolis, as the...

Dec 2, 2021

In this episode, Dr. Mark Goulston explains the best way to get through to absolutely ANYONE, in a way that enables them to open up about their deepest concerns.

Mark Goulston is a Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches executive coach and author or co-author of nine books with his book, “Just Listen,” being translated into...

Nov 5, 2021

I presented an expert testimony in an Oklahoma legislative meeting. 
The session was held due to opposition of new statewide opioid prescribing limitations. 

Oct 16, 2021

In this interview, Stanton Peele discusses his memoir, "A Scientific Life on the Edge: My Lonely Quest to Change How We See Addiction."

More importantly, Peele recounts his life story, both in this interview and in his memoir. Beginning with his General Theory of Addiction that he put forth in his 1975 book "Love and...