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Produced By Aaron Ferguson

Jan 21, 2019

Steven Slate

Today's guest is Steven Slate.

Steven is the creator of the multimedia educational blog site called The Clean Slate Addiction Site.  he is also co-author— with Mark Sheeren and Michelle Dunbar-- of the book, The Freedom Model for Addictions. the book is a detailed blueprint of their successful educational program called “The Freedom Model Retreats”


Today's Talk

Many of you have pointed out that that I use the term addiction— something I believe is a useful concept as I define it-- and that Steven DOESN’T use the term. (In fact, he believes addiction does not exist.) So do we have some kind of disagreement, or can our differences be reduced to semantics?

Today we talk it out, and offer our respective suggestions about what addiction IS and IS NOT.

The conversation was fruitful. Thanks to Steve and a tip of the hat to the folks at The Freedom Model Retreats! I encourage people to visit Steve’s site and check out the book!





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