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Produced By Aaron Ferguson

Jan 23, 2018

Johann Hari joins Zach Rhoads for an in-depth discussion about his new book: Lost Connections. 

Before writing, Hari set out on his (perhaps obligatory) epic journey around the world to loom for answers to questions about mental illnesses like anxiety and depression.

Now, after traveling the world, sifting through countless academic journals, and speaking to the world's leading authorities on the issue, Johann has arrived at an unexpected conclusion: depression is not just a problem for western medicine-- it's a problem for social science. Hari is now aware of nine primary social causes of depression, and seven social solutions-- keys to living a flourishing life. 

Zach Rhoads works with Dr. Stanton Peele at the "Life Process Program," an NON 12-step online program for people with addictions (and not only drug addictions).

Visit the online  Life Process Program to learn more, and book your free 20-minute consultation:

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