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Produced By Aaron Ferguson

Dec 23, 2018

FSDP is Families For Sensible Drug Policy.

They are a global coalition of families, professionals, and organizations representing the voice of families impacted by substance use. They empower families by educating and advocating for a new paradigm in comprehensive care and progressive solutions for family support based on science, compassion, public health and human rights.


Today's Guest is Rory Fleming

Do you think American prisons are overcrowded? If so, do you know how many people are in prison now? How many FEWER prisoners should there be? Who should be let go sooner-- for what crimes?

We Americans largely agree on fundamental ethical principles, even when it comes to the justice system. But today's guest Rory Fleming provides some empirical answers about the best ways for us all to get a slice of the ethical, criminal justice flavored pie. 

Rory is a licensed attorney in the State of Minnesota (he also writes for several magazines); he is the founder of Foglight Strategies, a consulting firm to help elect progressive District Attorneys throughout the nation; and he is now on the FSDP advisory board. 




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