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Produced By Aaron Ferguson

Oct 15, 2018

This is the first episode of our monthly segment, FSDP Presents. 

FSDP is Families For Sensible Drug Policy.

They are a global coalition of families, professionals, and organizations representing the voice of families impacted by substance use. They empower families by educating and advocating for a new paradigm in comprehensive care and progressive solutions for family support based on science, compassion, public health and human rights.


Today's Guest is Glen Carner

Glen Carner is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). He works in the field of addiction treatment and offers family therapy.

His practice, Family & Addiction Counseling, has locations in Honolulu and Kapolei, Hawaii. Learn more about his facility here:


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Kathleen Cochran

Megan McGilloway 

Inigo Montoya


Mary Kay Villaverde

Timmy Tucker

Marjiore Israel

Jon Holt 

Laila Ferguson

Michelle E Holt

Nancy Holt 

Regina Ferguson 

Sean H.

Thomas Rhoads 


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