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Produced By Aaron Ferguson

Feb 18, 2022

Nathan Maynard is a student voice advocate and author of The Washington Post best-selling book, "Hacking School Discipline" about proactive and restorative practice (as opposed to reactive and punitive) in schools.

Nathan previously worked as an administrator at Purdue Polytechnic High School in Indianapolis, as the Dean of Culture.

He also is the Co-Founder of BehaviorFlip, a restorative behavior management system that helps build a culture of empathy and responsibility.

Today, Zach Rhoads speaks with Nathan to discuss restorative practice versus punishment in schools.

They discuss:

0:00 Introduction to "Hacking School Discipline"

1:35 10,000 foot view of Nathan's restorative model (Student-centered / adult-led school routines and practices)

3:35 Nathan's basis for writing the book and teaching restorative practice

10:02 Example of punishment versus restorative practice (and the consequences of using one rather than the other)

14:11 Restorative circles (i.e. front-loading collaboration and restorative practice to avoid headaches later on)

21:13 Strategies for engaging apprehensive students

25:48 Scaling restorative practice school-wide

31:15 When restorative practice fails (culture and mindset)

37:42 Tracking progress / fail fast / correcting errors / growth mindset

43:05 Final tips / hints for getting started in your school

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BehaviorFlip web site:

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