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Produced By Aaron Ferguson

Nov 23, 2020

Jessie Dunleavy is an author and drug policy reform advocate whose son Paul died of an accidental drug overdose. She went on to write a memoir about Paul's life from her perspective called, “Cover My Dreams In Ink”.

Today, Jessie and I talked about the memoir and the myriad topics included in its pages:

- Parenting

- The public school system

- Special education

- Neurodiversity

- Mental health

- Trauma

- Addiction

- Drug policy / the war on drugs

- The addiction treatment system

- Hope for the future... and other topics.

Jessie shared her perspective about these topics that are always on my mind as well. Hers is the perspective of a loving mother, of an educator, of an author, and of a concerned citizen who aims to make a positive impact on society.

I don’t usually have two-hour-long conversations with my guests because— well, they don’t have time for it. I think that the conversation will be much more enjoyable and enlightening after having done so.

I’m so grateful that Jessie was willing to spend this much time working out some of these interesting questions in real-time. And I’m grateful that you’re interested.

Please enjoy episode 65 with Jessie Dunleavy!

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