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Produced By Aaron Ferguson

Oct 2, 2020

Welcome to season 5!

In the spirit of engaging my guests in rich, reflective conversations, I'm kicking off the new season by interviewing a man who is-- in my not-always-humble opinion-- a king of such meaningful conversations; conversations about-- well, "meaning".

His name is Anthony Magnabosco and he is a practitioner of a conversation-style called Street Epistemology (or in lay terms: talking about truth-claims and beliefs with strangers).

I'll let you hear about it for yourself in the intro and then in the interview, but I'll leave you with this: If we were able to speak to / think out loud among one another the way Anthony demonstrates in his work, then I believe the world would be a better, more rational place.

Enjoy the new season of The Social Exchange

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Check out Anthony's YouTube Channel:

Here is an example of Anthony practicing Street Epistemology (SE):

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