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Produced By Aaron Ferguson

Jun 4, 2020

Welcome to The Social Exchange Podcast

Today’s guest is Kevin Franciotti. 

Kevin is a board member of The Psychedelics in Recovery: Outreach and Services -- PROS--   which is a research initiative of Project New Day Foundation, a non-profit that helps people overcome addiction through the responsible and legal use of psychedelics.

A large part of Kevin's efforts are allocated toward bridging the gap between 12-step programs (like AA) and that of psychedelic assisted recovery.  Many people express resistance to linking those two efforts, and may even see them as wholly incompatible, but Kevin makes a good case to the contrary. 

For his part, Keivn personally struggled for years with addiction to alcohol and opioids, as well as depression. He dropped out of college, was arrested and went to rehab where he was introduced "the 12-step approach" which he wanted nothing to do with. 

And it was after finding benefit in the use of psychedelics to alter his perspective about drugs-- and their involvement in his life-- that he's become involved in a PROS, where he aims to help people currently involved in 12-step programs incorporate psychedelics (in a measured way) into their recovery experience. 

Today we talk about his background, his experience with addiction (and his move away from it) and we discuss his involvement with Project New Day and psychedelic research in general. 

Enjoy episode 57 with Kevin Franciotti. 

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