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Produced By Aaron Ferguson

May 5, 2020

Welcome to episode 55! 

Today's guest is the founding publisher of Skeptic Magazine and NYT best-selling author, Dr. Michael Shermer. 

Dr. Shermer and I discussed his new book, Giving The Devil HIs Due. 

Some salient talking points: 

- Free Speech-- why it is the most precious right and why it must  be upheld always.

- Schenck v. United States  supreme court case (famous for the "shouting fire in a crowded theater" analogy for limiting speech)

- Rappaport's rules for engagement and it behooves us to follow them (i.e. the entire essence of "The Social Exchange")

- The appropriate relationship between religion and science

- Michael's devils of the past (people he's debated) including:

*Jordan Peterson (and his rise to fame) - - - *David Irving (Holocaust Denier)- - - *Graham Hancock (writer, journalist, and self-proclaimed "alternative archaeologist) 

- My debate with Peter Hitchens and how it -- despite being painful-- changed my way of thinking about conversations in general

And much more! 

Please enjoy episode 55 with Dr. Michael Shermer. 

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