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Produced By Aaron Ferguson

Mar 28, 2020

Kate Nicholson is a civil rights attorney. 

In the mid-90's-- due to complications from surgery-- she became unable to walk, stand, or even sit. She was in excruciating pain each day and couldn't leave her home; she remained isolated in bed for 15 years. 

In this interview, Kate explains how, despite being isolated, she was able to create a purposeful, meaningful, and engaging (and OPTIMISTIC) life.  And she offers tips about how to do the same, for those of us who are still only getting used to our new, temporary, way-of-life sans social-engagement. 

By the way, did I mention Kate is a VERY smart cookie? 

  • She is a civil rights attorney and an advocate for pain patients who have been affected by limitations on prescribing (she has done a Ted Talk on this issue)
  • She is a nationally-recognized expert on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • She also runs non-profits related to pain patients and the arts, respectively.
  • She frequently writes op-eds for major publications like the LA Times and The Hill.  

Learn more about Kate here: 

Her article is here:

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