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Produced By Aaron Ferguson

Jul 31, 2020

0:00 - 6:12  News about a new season of the podcast / housekeeping 

6:12 - 12:55  Introduction and background about today's show / guest. 

12:56  Show starts here! 

- - - - - - - - - - 

Welcome to episode 59! 

Today's episode is a discussion about race with my new friend Bridgett Mack.  

I learned about Bridgett...

Jun 10, 2020

Welcome to episode 58!

In today's episode, I spoke with Tamler Sommers about his book, "Why Honor Matters." 

Tamler is the co-host of the Very Bad Wizards Podcast (check it out-- it's actually one of my favorite shows). He is also a philosophy professor at the Univeristy of Houston and he is, of course, the author of...

Jun 4, 2020

Welcome to The Social Exchange Podcast

Today’s guest is Kevin Franciotti. 

Kevin is a board member of The Psychedelics in Recovery: Outreach and Services -- PROS--   which is a research initiative of Project New Day Foundation, a non-profit that helps people overcome addiction through the responsible and legal use...

May 15, 2020

Welcome to episode 56!

Today's guest is Daniel Garrett. 

Daniel belongs to a demographic that has not been widely represented on this podcast.

Hailing from rural Northwest Tennessee, Daniel is in his mid-20s, he is bisexual, he is below the poverty line, he’s experienced traumatic events and difficult family...

May 5, 2020

Welcome to episode 55! 

Today's guest is the founding publisher of Skeptic Magazine and NYT best-selling author, Dr. Michael Shermer. 

Dr. Shermer and I discussed his new book, Giving The Devil HIs Due. 

Some salient talking points: 

- Free Speech-- why it is the most precious right and why it must  be upheld always.