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Produced By Aaron Ferguson

Mar 24, 2021

Eric White is the creator and host of theEWpodcast. He doesn't podcast just to be a "sage on the stage" but to have valuable conversations with people who interest him and can bring value to a greater audience.

He and I have that in common.

Eric and I talk about his backstory-- including a bout of depression and...

Mar 22, 2021

Honoring children-- that's Jeanine Fitzgerald's MO. In this interview, she explains what it takes to be a positive influence in the life of each child-- each person -- that she interacts with.

Jeanine's child-first philosophy is evident in all of her work: Her book, "The Dance of Interaction"; her frequent keynote...

Mar 16, 2021

Zach speaks with Peter Gray about how American schools are failing kids, and how to reverse the tide!

Peter Gray, Ph.D. is a research professor at Boston College, is author of:

Free to Learn (Basic Books)

Psychology (Worth Publishers, a...