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Produced By Aaron Ferguson

Oct 16, 2020

Intro: 0:00 - 9:32

Phone Call 9:32 - End. 

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After my first conversation with Anthony Magnabosco (Episode 61), I decided to do a follow-up so that I could talk more about Street Epistemology strategy and his plans to scale this movement! 

Here's our phone conversation from the other night, which...

Oct 2, 2020

Welcome to season 5!

In the spirit of engaging my guests in rich, reflective conversations, I'm kicking off the new season by interviewing a man who is-- in my not-always-humble opinion-- a king of such meaningful conversations; conversations about-- well, "meaning".

His name is Anthony Magnabosco and he is a...

Oct 2, 2020

Welcome to season 5 of TSE! 

Check out the 5 min. clip here for details about the new season and new format (and get ready for tomorrow's interview with Anthony Magnabosco)!

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