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Produced By Aaron Ferguson

Jan 29, 2019

Enjoy this bonus episode with Dr. Rick Barnett-- psychologist and founder of the non-profit organization CARTER Vermont.     We talk about gambling addiction! 

Thanks Dr. Barnett, CARTER Vermont, and The Vermont Lottery for making the conversation possible. 





Center for...

Jan 21, 2019

Steven Slate

Today's guest is Steven Slate.

Steven is the creator of the multimedia educational blog site called The Clean Slate Addiction Site.  he is also co-author— with Mark Sheeren and Michelle Dunbar-- of the book, The Freedom Model for Addictions. the book is a detailed blueprint of their successful educational...

Jan 4, 2019

Christopher Chabris 

Christopher Chabris is a professor at Geisinger, an integrated healthcare system in Pennsylvania. His research focuses on attention, intelligence (individual, collective, and social), behavior genetics, and decision-making. He received his Ph.D. in psychology and A.B. in computer science from...